Wonderful facilities full of comfort

At Armonia Resort you will find excellent facilities and amenities for a unique stay experience in Andros. The reception area and the cafeteria are located in a separate building and at a considerable distance from the hotel. This spot was chosen so as not to disturb your peace of mind when relaxing in your room and in the wonderful spaces of Armonia Resort.

The building is of exceptional architecture and is furnished with great care. The influences of Andriotic refinement and nobility are evident. The Cycladic element, however, also makes its strong presence in the rooms of the accommodation, creating an excellent result.

Healthy Breakfast

Homemade pies and cakes, local cheeses, and fine blend coffee

Private entrance

Each room offers an independent entrance to ensure your privacy

Amazing location

Enjoy a lush, idyllic landscape, just 10 minutes from Chora

Soundproof rooms

Relax in your room and enjoy the authentic relaxation experience

Panoramic views

The accommodation offers Panoramic views of the lush hillside with its century-old oak trees

Rooms for the disabled

We believe in non-discriminatory vacations and offer rooms fully equipped for disabled people

Hearty breakfast and warm hospitality

At Armonia Resort you will also be able to enjoy a hearty breakfast, served from 09:00 to 11:00 am. Every day we prepare for you, homemade pies, jams, and other traditional delicacies. We also offer excellent quality coffee to start your day in the best way. You can choose the beautiful, lush green courtyard of the property for your breakfast, your balcony, or any of the Armonia Resort premises.

In the café garden, you can also sip your drink under the thick shade of the century-old oak trees, enjoying the uninterrupted view and the chirping of birds and cicadas. When the sun sets and the beautiful sky of Andros is filled with stars, the images that form will surely be unforgettable. The hospitality we provide is our family business. It is our pleasure, our guests leave Andros happy and choose us again the next time they visit our island.